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Our students are amazing. From their long hours of hard work and dedication to their life-changing success stories, we could not be more proud of everything they have achieved on their journey. The curricula at the University of Miami Boot Camps is rigorous and designed to help aspiring coders and data analysts reach their professional goals.

We know that choosing a boot camp is a big decision that can change the course of your life, so who better to get advice from than students who have been right where you are? Read the reviews and testimonials below to hear directly from a few UM Boot Camps students and alumni.

Review: “The UM Coding Camp was definitely an experience in which many lessons were learned.”
Fabian Christie
Fabian Christie
  • Part-Time
  • 2018 Graduate
  • Course: Full Stack Flex
  • Campus: Miami

The UM Coding Camp was definitely an experience in which many lessons were learned. First of all, the curriculum was extremely challenging for all the students – even for ones with prior coding experience. Even though the fast pace of the course was the predominant obstacle most students faced, it did allow students to learn all the information covered.

The majority of the data taught had remnants of JavaScript; therefore, anyone wanting to undertake this course would be best served to know a bit (then eventually a lot) about this language. With that said, even though we were all faced with a roller coaster of emotions due to the demands of this course, our guardian and Program Coordinator, Chavon, was absolutely amazing with her never-ending support, leadership, and understanding. Without her, most of us would probably not finish this course, myself included.

Our instructor Jonathan Fields was absolutely fantastic, very knowledgeable and always willing to help. Last but not least, our TA, Jonathan Morales, was always there for us, providing a helping hand and so gracious.

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